Updating DUNS+4 for Remit Address

If you have more than one EFT account number for the same DUNS number (and same physical location as defined by the DUNS address), you may create a four-character extension (+4) to your DUNS number to differentiate the different accounts. (DUNS+4s are not tracked by Dun and Bradstreet.)

You can add the DUNS+4 values to your company information and then through the Quote a Solicitation wizard or the Agreement Modification Response wizard, you can associate the DUNS+4 to your quote or your agreement, respectively.

Business Rules for Using DUNS+4

To add a DUNS+4 to VIPR:

  1. Access the Edit Company Information wizard by doing one of the following:
  2. In the Edit Company Info step, click on the Update DUNS+4 button. The Update DUNS+4 Numbers popup appears.
  3. In the "Enter a new DUNS+4 number here" field, enter the DUNS+4.
The DUNS+4 must be alphanumeric and exactly four characters.
  1. Click the Add button.
You MUST click the Add button in order for your DUNS+4 to be accepted.
  1. Repeat Steps 3-4 until you have entered all of the DUNS+4 you wish to enter.
  2. Click the Done Updating button. Your entries appear in the DUNS+4 field.
  3. If you have no more Company Information changes, click the Exit button.

NOTE:After you update your DUNS+4, if you do not advance to the next step in the wizard and you click the Exit button, you will get a message that "...you want to exit the wizard without saving any changes you made." You should IGNORE this message, because it does not apply to the DUNS+4 data entries. Your DUNS+4 updates WILL be saved in VIPR if you exit the wizard on that first step after completing Steps 2-6.


What's Next?
- If you wish to associate or change a DUNS+4 on your quote, you will be able to do so in the Add Rates step of the Quote a Solicitation wizard (see "Submitting a Quote on a Solicitation").

- If you wish to associate or change a DUNS+4 to an existing agreement, you will be able to do so in the Apply Resource Changes step of the Agreement Modification Response wizard, which is available for these types of modifications only: Standard and/or Change End Date modification, Rollover modification, Resource Type Correction modification, and Inspection Correction modification.

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