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Find information about working with the Forest Service. If you're already a current Forest Service vendor, get information about the tools you need to use to manage your contracts.

State Requirements

State State Requirements
Colorado Fire Prevention and Control | (
Idaho Incident Business | Department of Lands (
Kansas Fire Management Program | Kansas Forest Service | Kansas State University
Montana Vendor Information — Montana DNRC (
Nebraska Nebraska Forest Service | (
Nevada NevadaEPro
South Dakota SD Wildland Fire
Utah Utah statewide wildfire information information (
Wyoming Forestry Division - Fire Business (

State Contacts

*Region Leads:

State Name Agency Email Office Cell
Alabama Marti Davis Alabama Forestry Commission 334-240-9332 334-717-0770
Alaska Christy Rambo Alaska Department of Natural Resources 907-451-2662 907-347-0571
Arizona Shannon Kelly AZ Dept of Forestry & Fire Management 928-637-0540 929-200-2900
Arkansas Kevin Kilcrease Arkanasas Forestry Commission 870-367-2050 870-308-1432
California Tom Lutzenberger Cal Fire 906-653-6630 916-869-9040
Colorado Erin Claussen CO Division of Fire Prevention & Control 720-544-2262 303-263-5937
Connecticut Helene Hochholzer CT Dept. of Energy and Env. Protection 860-424-3632 860-681-3532
Delaware Kyle Hoyd Delaware Forest Service 302-698-4548 302-943-7869
Florida Susan Beasley Florida Forest Service 850-681-5817 850-766-3226
Georgia Penny Brown Georgia Forestry Commission 478-751-3468 478-550-5665
Hawaii Michael Walker Hawaii Department of Land & Natrual Resources 808-587-4188 808-348-5834
Idaho Wendy Walter Idaho Dept of Lands 208-666-8648 208-755-2924
Illinois Tom Gargrave DNR - Division of Forest Resources 618-498-1627  
Indiana Darren Bridges IN DNR Forestry 765-342-4701  
Iowa Gail Kantak Iowa DNR 515-233-8067 ext 1 515-689-0083
Kansas Tim Flanary Kansas Forest Service 785-532-3303 785-492-2183
Kentucky Michael Froelich Kentucky Division of Forestry 502-782-7159 502-682-4449
Louisiana Bret Lane LA Dept. of Ag & Forestry 225-925-4500 225-938-7735
*Maine Robby Gross Maine Forest Service 207-463-2331 207-592-3416
Maryland Chris Roberston DNR - Maryland Forest Service   443-534-6884
Massachusetts Dave Celino DCR - Massachusetts   508-326-2403
Michigan Dan Laux MI DNR Forest Resources Division 517-284-5883  
Minnesota Larry Himanga MN DNR - Forestry 651-259-5277  
Mississippi Robin Lackey Mississippi Forest Commission 601-359-2834 601-503-3916
Missouri Ben Webster Missouri Dept of Conservtion 573-522-4115 ext: 3113  
Montana Wanemah Hulett Montana DNRC 406-542-4230 406-210-2461
Montana Becky Shepard Montana DNRC 406-535-1902 406-366-1879
Nebraska Matt Holte Nebraska Forest Service 402-475-6060  
Nevada Thelesa Montoya-Neves Nevada Division of Forestry 775-684-2516  
New Hampshire Steve Sherman Division of Forest And Lands 603-271-2214 603-419-9272
New Jersey Gregory McLaughlin NJ Forest Fire Service 609-292-2977  
New Mexico Francine Cordova New Mexico Forestry Division 505-476-3312 505-617-0118
New York David Pachan NYS Forest Rangers 518-402-8839 518-281-1508
North Carolina Craig Clarke North Carolina Forest Service 919-857-4820  
North Dakota Loretta Forsberg North Dakota Forest Service 701-228-5486 701-871-7714
Ohio Greg Guess ODNR - Division of Forestry 614-265-6702  
Oklahoma Yuri De Leon Oklahoma Forestry Service 405-522-6157  
Oregon Stacy Miller Oregon Dept. of Forestry 503-945-7243 503-701-0236
Pennsylvania Mike Kern Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry 717-783-7957  
Rhode Island Olney Knight Dept. of Env. Management 401-539-2356 401-595-1075
South Carolina Cathy Nordeen South Carolina Forestry Commission 803-896-8865 803-360-2644
*South Dakota Brenda Even South Dakota Wildland Fire 605-393-8115 605-430-0044
Tennesee David Fiorella Tennessee Forestry Commission 615-837-5470 615-571-3726
*Texas Kelly Reeves Texas A&M Forest Service 936-639-8180 936-676-6387
Utah Ben Hutsman Utah Fire and State Lands 801-538-5413 385-222-0513
Vermont Lars Lund Vermont Agency of Nat. Resources 802-777-4188  
Virginia John Miller Virginia Dept of Forestry 434-220-9023 434-962-3484
Washington Jodi Barnes WA Dept. of Natural Resources 360-902-1708 360-259-0490
West Virginia Walt Jackson West Virginia Division of Forestry 304-558-2788 304-545-0722
Wisconsin Chad Gottbeheut Wisconsin DNR 608-381-4584  
Wyoming Shielah Esterholdt Wyoming State Forestry Division 307-777-7060 307-241-2757

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