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Find information about working with the Forest Service. If you're already a current Forest Service vendor, get information about the tools you need to use to manage your contracts.



Equipment and Services Branch (ESB) *

Name Area Role E-Mail Phone
Jason Brandt Program Support Area ESB Branch Chief Jason Brandt (208) 387-5633
Kim Luft ESB EAST - Regions 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 and National I-BPAs Supervisory CO Kim Luft (720) 467-8317
Nathan Sabo Regions 3, 5, 6 and 10 Supervisory Contract Specialist Nathan Sabo (541) 408-8754
Brandy Jiron Program Support Area ESB Procurement Analyst | VIPR Business Lead Brandy Jiron (307) 421-7942
Kirsten Donelson Program Support Area ESB Contract Coordinator Kirsten Donelson (503) 484-0108
Jeff Gardner Region 1 Team Lead Contract Specialist Jeff Gardner (406) 329-3779
Dana Bangart Region 1 Contract Specialist Dana Bangart (406) 552-9257
RaShauna Workman Region 2/4 Team Lead Contract Specialist RaShauna Workman (208) 296-8375
Randy Sadler Region 2/4 Contract Specialist Randy Sadler (970) 844-0563
Heather James Region 2/4 Purchasing Agent Heather James (406) 200-0374
Taylor Jones Region 2/4 Purchasing Agent Taylor Jones (303) 928-0298
Columbus Campbell Region 3 Team Lead Contract Specialist Columbus Campbell (480) 276-9568
TBD Region 3 Purchasing Agent TBD TBD
Lydia Moore-Ward Region 5 Team Lead Contract Specialist Lydia Moore-Ward (626) 201-4904
Craig Ericson Region 5 Contract Specialist Craig Ericson (530) 559-6264
Eric Rusch Region 5 Purchasing Agent Eric Rusch (707) 373-5326
Ruby Knight Region 5 Purchasing Agent Ruby Knight (279) 234-3756
Nathan Stampke Region 6 Team Lead Contract Specialist Nathan Stampke (458) 231-1180
Linda Neely Region 6 Contract Specialist Linda Neely (458) 256-7465
Chase Knight Region 6 Purchasing Agent Chase Knight (458) 218-2120
Tracy Lisius Region 6 Purchasing Agent Tracy Lisius (541) 604-9267
Ryan Ellers Region 6 Purchasing Agent Ryan Ellers (458) 218-2770
Briana Chalmers Region 8/9 Purchasing Agent Briana Chalmers (803) 561-4017
Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
Region 10 Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
(907) 269-8400
Shane Thao National Equipment Rental Vehicle (NERV) NERV Lead Contract Coordinator Shane Thao (406) 329-3582
Celina Cash National Equipment Rental Vehicle (NERV) NERV Contract Coordinator Celina Cash (505) 563-7510
Jennifer Travis National Equipment Rental Vehicle (NERV) NERV Contract Coordinator Jennifer Travis (970) 373-7170

* NOTE: Contracted equipment for incident support is managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.

Regional Sites

Name URL
Region 1 - Northern Rockies
Region 2 - Rocky Mountain
Region 4 - Great Basin
Region 5 - Pacific Southwest (California)
Region 6 - Pacific Northwest
Region 9 - Eastern

Virtual Incident Procurement System (VIPR) Team

Name Role E-Mail
Interagency Incident Applications Helpdesk (including VIPR) Vendor / CO Assistance with Using VIPR 866-224-7677, Option 3 or email the helpdesk
Jason Brandt Branch Chief, ESB Jason Brandt
Brandy Jiron VIPR Technical/Business Lead Brandy Jiron
Scott Barber VIPR Technical Team Project Manager Scott Barber

Contract Operations Specialists

Location Name Cell Phone E-Mail
WO-FAM - National Agreements Ron George 541-604-6988 Ron George
Region 1 - Northern Rockies Ryan Patrick 406-829-7372 Ryan Patrick
  Chris Loraas 406-370-4160 Chris Loraas
Region 2 - Rocky Mountain Scott Sugg 303-941-2779 Scott Sugg
Region 3 - Southwest Chris Niccoli 505-414-4046 Chris Niccoli
Region 4 - Great Basin Cathy Baird 208-866-7291 Cathy Baird
  Michael (Ryan) Green 208-871-7217 Michael (Ryan) Green
Region 5 - Northern/Southern California Cheryl Raines 760-920-1107 Cheryl Raines
Region 6 - Northwest Kevin Toombs 541-419-7039 Kevin Toombs
  Aaron Olmos 541-610-3674 Aaron Olmos
Region 8 - Southern Terry Eller 828-779-2081 Terry Eller
Region 9 - Eastern Persephone Whelan 414-312-3357 Persephone Whelan
  Terry Walter 414-207-5259 Terry Walter

Incident Procurement Policy

Name Role E-Mail
Jamie Wade Procurement Analyst Jamie Wade

EaV - (FS Internal Only)

Name Role E-Mail
Jason Brandt Branch Chief, ESB Jason Brandt
Brandy Jiron Project Manager Brandy Jiron

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