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Find information about working with the Forest Service. If you're already a current Forest Service vendor, get information about the tools you need to use to manage your contracts.

Acronyms & Definitions

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  • A

    • ACO — Administrative Contracting Officer.
    • AQM — Acquisition Management.


    • BIA — Bureau of Indian Affairs.
    • BLM — Bureau of Land Management.


    • CETT — Contract Equipment Task Team.
    • CO — Contracting Officer.
    • COA — Contracting Officer Assistant.
    • CPARS — Contractor Performance Assessment Report System.
    • CPS — Contractor Performance System.


    • DOI — Department of Interior.
    • DPL — Dispatch Priority List. The DPL is the list of vendors that dispatchers will use to fill orders for equipment on an incident. Priority ranking is based on price and advantages that are identified in the solicitation for a specific type of equipment.


    • EaTIS — Equipment and Training Inventory System. A prototype system designed for vendors to electronically transmit equipment and fire qualification inspection information utilizing a competitive solicitation process offering best value analysis, electronic signatures, performance tracking, and reporting. EaTIS has been replaced with the VIPR system.
    • EERA — Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements. EERAs are awarded on the OF-294 form, are not competitive, and are issued at an incident in response to the emergency activity when incident blanket purchase agreements (I-BPAs) have been exhausted.
    • ETC — Equipment Technology Committee (formerly known as FEWT)


    • FAAB— Fire & Aviation Business Branch
    • FAR— Federal Acquisition Regulations.
    • FESSAA— Fire Equipment, Services, and Supply Acquisition Analysis. The FESSAA team is now the Fire & Aviation Business Branch (FABB).
    • FWS — Federal Wage System.


    • GACC — Geographic Area Coordination Center.


    • HDC— Host Dispatch Center.


    • I-BPA— Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements. I-BPAs are preseason agreements for incident support. I-BPAs replace Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements (EERAs) for preseason sign up of equipment for use on incidents. EERAs will still be used for equipment signed up at the incident.
    • IBS— Incident Business Systems
    • IC— Incident Commander.
    • ICPI— Incident Contract Project Inspector
    • IROC— Interagency Resource Ordering Capability (formerly ROSS)
    • ISP— Internet Service Provider.


    • LSA— Labor Surplus Area. Used to break a tie to determine the DPL rankings when two or more vendors have the same business status and CBA scores.


    • NPS— National Park Service.


    • PDF— Portable Document Format; Adobe Reader file type. The file format used for the agreement and modified agreement packages.
    • PIID— Procurement Instrument Identifier
    • PTAC — Procurement Technical Assistance Center.


    • ROSS — Resource Ordering and Status System. (This is now IROC)


    • SAM — System for Award Management. The Government service where Federal contract opportunities for Forest Service preseason incidents are posted and entity information can be registered.


    • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) — Unique Entity IDs are a unique 12-character value (no O or I). Entity Validation Service (EVS) is a service that independently verifies the uniqueness of an entity. uses an EVS to verify that no existing identifier exists for the legal business name and address before assigning a Unique Entity ID to a vendor. This ensures each number is unique.
    • USDA eAuthentication — The USDA eAuthentication is a permissions process that allows only personnel within a company with signatory authority to submit a proposal or agree to a modification. VIPR will not accept any documents requiring vendor signature without eAuthentication.


    • VIPR — Virtual Incident Procurement. VIPR is a web-based incident procurement system that replaced and expanded the Equipment and Training Inventory (EaTIS) prototype. VIPR allows the Contracting Officers (COs) to create, award, and manage solicitations and agreements through an electronic procurement process. VIPR provides numerous tools for COs to use for incident blanket purchase agreements (I-BPAs), including creation of solicitations and amendments, collection and evaluation of offers, electronic award and modification of agreements, electronic management of contract files, and creation of Dispatch Priority Lists (DPLs).

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