Welcome to TIPP (Transforming Incident Procurement Project)

TIPP (Transforming Incident Procurement Project) is an interagency, cross-discipline, departmental project that aims to streamline processes, modernize systems, and improve delivery of incident business services. OMB Mandates (DATA Act, Electronic Invoicing, and Universal Numbering) and the ongoing risk of duplicate incident payments were catalysts in establishing TIPP.

An Executive Board of Directors, encompassing leadership from the Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture, will direct the APEX (Actively Pursuing Excellence) Team leading the TIPP efforts. APEX will assess existing processes and develop alternatives and cost estimates for recommendations to the Executive Board for accomplishment of the TIPP objectives. APEX will ensure a coordinated effort between Financial Management, Acquisition Management, and Fire and Aviation Management to achieve TIPP’s goals.

Listed below are helpful documents and project news on TIPP. If you have questions, or need additional information, contact the APEX Team at: tipp@fs.fed.us

Project Charters/Communication Plan

Information Bulletins

PowerPoint Presentations (Quick overview/project update)