Local Registration Authority Locator

Obtaining Level 2 eAuthentication

LRA Offices Listings by State

After you complete the required online steps for obtaining your Level 2 eAuthentication account, you will need to visit a Local Registration Authority (LRA) to confirm your identity and complete the last phase of the eAuthentication account activation process.

To find the LRA nearest you, select a state from the drop-down list above, and then click on the "Show Offices" button. A combined list of Forest Service offices offering LRA services and USDA Service Centers* are displayed alphabetically by city. A Google map is also available to help locate the site.

*NOTE: All USDA Service Centers are shown in this list, but not all Service Centers provide LRA services. The Forest Service offices listed all provide LRA services. Once you identify the office you wish to visit, you must call the appropriate contact to schedule an appointment with the LRA.

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