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Wildlife Ecology Unit


Two papers that describe the PIF process for identifying species at risk (submitted by Kathy Paulin, Ashley NF):

  • Carter, Hunter, Pashley and Rosenburg. 2000. Setting conservation priorities for landbirds in the United States:The Partners in Flight approach. Auk 117(2):541-548.(USFS access to provided by DigiTop)

  • Beissinger, Reed, Wunderle, Robinson and Finch. 2000. Report of the AOU conservation committee on the Partners in Flight species prioritization plan. Auk 117(2):549-561. (USFS access to provided by DigiTop)

The following paper is not new, but it's an excellent review of different classes of PVA techniques, with caveats for applying them in a management context. Fred Samson hands this out at every viability meeting, so it's time you read it! (submitted by Christina Hargis for Fred Samson):

  • Beissinger, S. R. and M. I. Westphal. 1998. On the use of demographic models of population viability in endangered species management. J. Wildl. Manage. 62:821-841. (USFS access to JSTOR provided by National Forest Service Library/NFSL)

This paper provides criteria for selecting focal species. I'm not sure I agree with all the criteria, but it is thought-provoking. (submitted by Clint McCarthy, R4):

  • Caro, T. M. and G. O'Doherty. 1999. On the use of surrogate species in conservation biology. Cons. Bio. 13:805-814.

A recent review of road effects. This is just one paper in a volume on this subject (submitted by Christina Hargis):

  • Trombulak, S. C. and C. A. Frissell. 2000. Review of ecological effects of roads on terrestrial and aquatic communities. Cons. Bio. 14:18-30. (USFS access to provided by DigiTop)

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