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Wildlife Ecology Unit

Ecology Information

This page provides links to information selected for terrestrial wildlife ecologists and biologists. Enjoy!

Web Resources
Library Services
Online Journals
Quick updates on:

Wildlife and Fish Update Papers (grizzly, lynx,
black-tailed prairie dog, sage grouse, and others)

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

California Condor
LITERATURE A Brief Guide to Conservation Biology Resources A comprehensive bibliography compiled in 2000 by M. Schwartz, E. van Mantgem, and S. Kalmanovitz.
  A Field Protocol to Monitor Cavity-Nesting Birds
By J. Dudley and V. Saab, 2003, Rocky Mountain Research Station Research Paper RP-44
  Northern Goshawk Bioregional Monitoring Design. 2006 . Hargis, C.D. and B. Woodbridge. Studies in Avian Biology 31:in press.
  Monitoring Amphibians in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
By C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1258
  Scientific Standards for Conducting Viability Assessments
A report prepared by NCEAS
(National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis)
  Wildland Fire in Ecosystems: Effects of Fire on Fauna
USDA Forest Service RMRS-GTR-42
  USGS Raptor Information System
A keyworded catalog of over 33,000 references about the biology and management of birds of prey - Not Currently Available
Forging a Science-based National Forest Fire Policy
By J. F. Franklin and J. K. Agee, Issues in Science and Technology, Fall 2003
WEB RESOURCES Birds and Burns Network
Information on fire effects on populations and habitats of sensitive species in
ponderosa pine forests of the interior West

A network connecting science with conservation
  NRM - NRIS - Wildlife
Forest Service Information System
for terrestrial wildlife data
  Wildlife Crossings Toolkit
Tools for reducing wildlife mortality on highways
The Decayed Wood Advisor for managing snags, partially dead trees, and logs
  Species Conservation Project (Rocky Mountain Region)
Scientific information and tools to improve our efforts to provide for species viability and ecosystem sustainability
World bird database created and made available by Bird Studies Canada (Birdlife International)
A GIS database for sagegrouse and shrubsteppe management maintained by USGS
  Visual Services Department of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Breeding Biology Research and Monitoring Database
with an outstanding interactive tool for estimating nesting success by species and location
LIBRARY SERVICES National Agricultural Library
  DigiTop (Licensed library service for USDA employees)
  National Forest Service Library - Library service for USFS employees; visit intranet site for detailed information.
  UC Davis Abstract Access
ON-LINE JOURNALS The Wilson Bulletin, 1899 - 1999
(with no-cost access)
Landscape Ecology, 1987 - 1997
  Annual Review journals
  Conservation Ecology
  Canadian Journal of Zoology

Web Resources
Library Services
Online Journals


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Wildlife Ecology Unit
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