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Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants

Other Training Options

These are training opportunities not associated with CE-WFWARP. Distance Learning opportunities are integrated in the list. For web based training - look for "Online". Vendor quality probably varies. Check them out with "a buyers eye".

| Federal | State | Independent Vendor |


Multiple Agency Efforts

Federal Government wide "E-Gov":

Carhart National Wilderness Training Center (Multiple Agencies)

Wildland Fire Training Centers (Multiple Agency):

  • National Listing of Training Centers
  • Great Basin Geographic Area Wildland Fire Training (including fire ecology)
  • National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center, Tallahassee Florida

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Graduate School:

Forest Service

National Forest Service Sponsored Training:
  • Boise Aquatic Group
  • Geospatial Service and Technology Center (GSTC) - contact them directly for a complete listing of training opportunites. Intranet page available to Forest Service personnel ( Contact: Stuart Gregory, Program Manager (
  • International Program - International training opportunities
  • National Geology & Minerals Training Office
  • Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) - contact them directly for a complete listing of training opportunities. Intranet page available to Forest Service personnel ( Contact: Mike Morrison (
    • Basic Digital Image Processing Application
    • Change Detection: Advanced Digital Image Processing Application
    • Remote Sensing in Resource Applications (an awareness training CD-ROM)
    • GPS/GIS for Managers and Supervisors ($40)
    • Integrating Geospatial Technologies for Managers ($40)
    • Geospatial Interface training videos; 2 to 5 minutes (online)
  • Region 1 - GIS Training: Downloadable module available (FS Intranet)
  • The Distance Learning Program & Consortium- Online Recreation & Lands staff sponsored in partnership with College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech University. A wide variety of individual online training, as well as the opportunity to earn a Masters degree via online.
  • FREE Software Training via Video and CD-ROM. For Forest Service employees. Copies at every Regional Office, Forest, District and Research Station. Contact your HR staff. Also available via AgLearn. Topics:
    • Lotus Notes (Publisher: Learn Key)
    • Access (Publisher: Learn Key)
    • Word (Publisher: Learn Key)
    • Powerpoint (Publisher: Learn Key)
    • Excel (Publisher: Learn Key)
  • San Dimas Technology and Development Center (SDTDC) -
    • Innovative Solutions to Wildlife/Highway Interactions. Contact: Sandra L. Jacobson, or 707-826-1276
  • Stream Systems Technology Center (STREAM): Measurement of Stream Discharge by Wading. CD-ROM. STEAM worked with USGS to create a Special Edition of the USGS produced multimedia training CD: Water Resources Investigations Report 00-4036. STREAM has mailed a CD to each USFS National Forest (for FREE!). USFS personnel may request additional copies from STREAM via email ( or FAX (970-295-5988). Non USFS individuals: contact USGS (scroll down).

  • Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center: online and classroom classes
    Carhart Wilderness Training Center is a multi-agency effort

  • Climate Change Resource Center: PNW-GTR-789 online or order DVD
Regional Forest Service Sponsored Training:
  • Ninemile Wildlands Training Center: Region 1; Lolo NF, Ninemile RD: 406-626-5201
  • PNW Aquatic Technical Training Program: Region 6
  • Hiawatha NF, Botanical Workshops: Region 9
  • CISPUS Environmental Learning Center (located on Gifford Pinchot National Forest)
    • Training in Resource Management Communication Skills (Interagency)
      Contact: Myron Blank on the Mt. Hood National Forest @ 503-668-1796

  • Continuing Education in Ecosystem Management (CEEM) program:
    CEEM used to be a series of classes held by CSU, USU and NAU and it was used both for general natural resources continuing education and also as a vehicle for silvicultural certification. As such, the Regional USDA Forest Service Silviculturists participated in sending candidates to the program. For the past couple of years, CEEM has been replaced as the silviculture certification training program by the new NASP program (National Advanced Silviculture Program). NASP is coordinated through the WO Forestry Staff (Frank Burch).
    Utah State University still offers CEEM training - part of the Masters in Natural Resoures program

  • Natural Resource Institute (NRI) program: Region 6
  • Leadership Improvement Training: sponsored by USFS Region 5. Open to all government agencies and non-government organizations.One (1) week long. Send email inquiries to: LIT/

USDI - United States Department of Interior

Bureau of Land Management: National Training Center

Fish & Wildlife Service: National Conservation Training Center (NCTC)

National Park Service: National Training Center

Other Federal Agencies

Government Services Agency (GSA)

Geological Survey, US: National Biological Service

Geological Service, US (USGS):

  • Measurement of Stream Discharge by Wading. CD-ROM. USGS produced this multimedia training CD. Published as: Water Resources Investigations Report 00-4036. Contact K. Michael Nolan at the US Geological Survey for further information (
  • National Training Center: Online, CDRom, Class

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Office of Personnel Management

Smithsonian Institute:

USGS - See "Geological Service, US"


Classes USA: "One Stop" listing of online/distance education and degree programs


Berkeley, UC Davis


Colorado State University: Online/Distance Learning Degree Program


University of Florida: Earn a Certificate in Natural Areas Management by completing five workshops conferred by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and IFAS Extension.


University of Idaho - College of Natural Resources:


University of Maryland: Online Education/Distance Learning

  • Concepts of Biology (BIOL 101)
  • Introduction to Statistics (STAT 200)
  • Grant & Proposal Writing (COMM 492)
  • Conservation Biology - used to be offered...keep checking the UofM main site.


  • MIT (Massachusettes Insitute of Technology) - Online MIT OpenCourseWare. A free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.


University of Montana: Continuing Education > Division of Natural Resource Management

  • Online Wilderness in the Wilderness Context 406-243-4630. Done in conjunction with Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center.

New York:


Oregon State University

  • OSU: Distance Learning with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (1-800-261-7049)
    • Management Principles of Salmon in the Pacific NW (FW323)
    • Biology of Birds (FW311)
    • Principles of Wildlife Conservation (FW251)
    • Wildlife in Agricultural Systems (FW 435/535)
    • Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (FS340)
    • Survey of GIS in Natural Resources (FW 303)
  • OSU: Distance Learning with the Department of Rangeland Resources (541-318-3772)
    • Natural Resource Decision Making NR 455
    • Desert Watershed Management RNG 355
    • Riparian Ecology and Management RNG 455

Portland State University:


Texas A&M University: Online/Distance Learning Degree Program

  • Master in Fisheries Science


Western Governors University

  • Varied Topics (& Degrees): go to "catalog" and scroll the "Field of Study" drop down box:
    • Physical Science (earth science, geology, hydroecology)
    • Parks, Recreation, Leisure (nothing related to natural resources at this time)
    • Social Science & History
    • Mathmatics (Statistics!)
    • Biological Sciences
    • And much more....

Utah State University

Online Courses USU also offers satellite courses.

  • Electronic Publications Management (ENGL6440)
  • Online Writing (ENGL6460)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing (BA3500)
  • Introduction to Economic Institutions, History, and Principles (ECON1500)
  • Elements of Grammar (ENGL1120)
  • Directed Readings in Wildlife Damage Management (FW4810)
  • Exploring the Changing Earth: Introduction to Geology (GEOL1100)
  • Managing Organizations and People (MHR3110)
  • Psychology of Human Adjustments (PSY1210)
  • Introduction to Statistics (STAT1040)
  • And much more....

College of Natural Resources


Washington State University: Events & Workshops

Independent Vendors

ArcView and Arc/Info GIS software and training

AllPoints GIS Inc.

Kessler GIS

Pedogonet - listings of trainings

Juniper GIS

Forest Engineering, Inc.

Public Policy
Brookings Institute

Woods Institute

Wildland Hydrology; also known as "Rosgen Training"

Wetlands and Stream Restoration - Free. Online Technical Tutorials created by users.


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