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Biological and
Physical Resources

Updated: 11/02/2016

Technology Development


An important area of focus for the Center is what is typically called “Technology Development,” specifically the development and implementation of technical tools, models, monitoring protocols, and datasets that help field practitioners working on different problems and technical issues involving watersheds, streams, riparian ecosystems, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems.

The following is a list of different Tech Development and Tech Transfer efforts that the Center is currently working on and addressing in our routine work:


  1. Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) physical effectiveness monitoring at road-stream crossings.
  2. Pacific-Fish Interior-Fish Biological Opinion (PIBO) Effectiveness Monitoring Program (EMP).
  3. Application of the “Riparian Response Guilds Framework” for determining instream flows.
  4. National Riparian Protocol (NRP) software development and publications.
  5. Development and application of remote sensing techniques for estimating the impacts of grazing on aquatic habitat and riparian areas.
  6. Sediment delivery to streams from wildfires and unpaved roads.
  7. Technical guidance for stream restoration
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