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Updated: 03/05/2021

Bedload Trap Database

A bedload trap database was developed for gravel bedload data collected between 1998 and 2015 for 14 studies at 12 field sites. The database contains about 1,700 estimates of cross-section averaged transport rates from almost 8,500 individual bedload trap samples. The following publication provides a summary of the how the database was developed:


The table below lists each study site and the year of bedload trap sampling. From the table, a zip file can be downloaded for each bedload trap study and contains the following information:

  • Source data and analyses, which are presented in six Excel spreadsheet files (bedload data, bed-material data, discharge data, seasonal hydrograph data, peak-flow recurrence interval data, topographic site survey data).
  • A folder containing annotated site photos.
  • A site report summarizing the results.
Study SiteStudy YearZip File Name
Cherry Creek,
East Dallas Creek,
East St. Louis Creek,
East St. Louis Creek,
Fool Creek,
Fool Creek,
Halfmoon Creek, Colorado; pool exit and
Halfmoon Creek, Colorado; pool
Hayden Creek,
Little Granite Creek, Wyoming; lower
Little Granite Creek, Wyoming; upper
North Fork Swan Creek,
St. Louis Creek, Colorado; lower
St. Louis Creek, Colorado; upper

*After downloading the zip file, be sure to use the “extract all” function to ensure full functionality of the Excel spreadsheets.

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