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Updated: 08/05/2021

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Technical Summaries and Notes




TS-107: (2019-7) Watershed Condition Classification Attribute Assessments: A summary 2010 to 2018. Julian A. Scott

TS-106: (2018-4) Forest Service Stream and Riparian Restoration Network: User Survey.

Steven E. Yochum, Lindsay Reynolds

TS-105.1: (2018-4) Creating Digital Elevation Models from Combined Conventional and LiDAR Topographic Surveys. Julian A. Scott

TS-104: (2017-6) Predicting Geomorphic Change during Large Floods in Semiarid Landscapes.

Steven E. Yochum, Julian A. Scott

TS-103.1: (2018-2) Flow Resistance Coefficient Selection in Natural Channels: A Spreadsheet Tool. Steven E. Yochum

TS-102: (2015-2) StreamNotes: Work Plan for Renewed Publication. Steven E. Yochum, David H. Levinson

TS-101.2: (2017-4) logPearson Frequency Analysis Spreadsheet for Analyses of Streamgage Records. Steven E. Yochum


TN-104: (2020-4) Trends in Lake Water Chemistry: Comparing Analyses in R Statistical Software and WQStat Plus Software,

Julian A. Scott

TN-103.2: (2017-4) Computational Design Tool for Evaluating the Stability of Large Wood Structures. Michael Rafferty

TN-102.5: (2020-9) Guidance for Stream Restoration. Steven E. Yochum and Lindsay V. Reynolds

TN-101-Revised: (2020-11) Technical Guide for Field Practitioners: Understanding and Monitoring Aquatic Organism Passage at Road

Stream Crossings. Nicholas Heredia, Brett Roper, Nathanial Gillespie, and Craig Roghair

Archived Technical Notes & Reports (pre-2014)