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Updated: 09/29/2016

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Conference Proceedings and Presentations (2012 to present)




2016-9 Stream Power and Geomorphic Change during the 2013 Colorado Front Range Flood.  Steven Yochum
Presentation (5.76 MB)

2015-4  Battle Creek: Lessons Learned from Tinkering at a Confluence.  Steven Yochum
Proceedings Paper (1.4 MB)        Presentation (3.3 MB)

2015-4 Colorado Front Range Flood of 2013: Peak Flows, Flood Frequencies, and Impacts. Steven Yochum
Proceedings Paper (6.6 MB)        Presentation (9.9 MB)

2015-4 Wildfire-Induced Flooding and Erosion Potential Modeling: Examples from Colorado, 2012 and 2013. Steven Yochum, John Norman
Proceedings Paper (1.4 MB)        Presentation (10.5 MB)

2014-10 The Colorado River: Supply and Demand. Down by the River: Managing Resilient Riparian Corridors. D.M. Merritt.

2014 For the birds: linking surface and groundwater hydrology to riparian habitat. Society of Wetland Scientists, Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting. D.M. Merritt.

2014 Riparian vegetation of the Cache la Poudre River basin: past, present, and future. The Poudre River Runs Through it Symposium. D.M. Merritt.

2013-6 Physical Effectiveness Monitoring of Channels at Road-Stream Crossings – A Statistically-Based Approach. International Conference on Engineering & Ecohydrology for Fish Passage. Dan Cenderelli, Heidi Klingel, Margaret Lang, Mark Weinhold.

2013-6 Stream Simulation Design: Providing Unimpeded Aquatic Organism Passage at Road-Stream Crossings. Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers 2013 Conference. Dan Cenderelli, Mark Weinhold, Bob Gubernick.

2013 An ecological response model for the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado. Arizona Riparian Council 26th Annual meeting. D.M. Merritt.

2012-10 Increased Flood Potential of Streams Draining the High Park Fire. Poster at High Park Fire Symposium. Steven E. Yochum
Poster (52.2 MB)

2012-2 Velocity prediction in high-gradient channels. Presentation at River Restoration Northwest. Steven E. Yochum.
Presentation (10.2 MB)

2012 Modeling environmental flows to support riparian functioning: case studies from North American prairie and desert. OASIS: How to run regulated rivers in semi-arid regions? D.M. Merritt.