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FX3 Software Tutorial   FX3 Software Tutorial Play - 12:22

This 12-minute video narrative is a step-by-step walkthrough of the latest version of FishXing. You can pause or play, advance to a new topic with the table of contents, or just watch from start to finish.


Getting Across Video Screenshot   Getting Across Play - 16:09 | Download - 33.2M

This video was produced by the Forest Service and explains why and how fixing culverts at road-stream crossings will restore habitats. This is a brief and non-technical introduction to the subject intended primarily for land managers, but also suitable for educating anyone responsible for culverts on the importance of appropriate culvert design and placement at road-stream crossings.


FishEye Screenshot   Fish-Eye View Play - 5:53 | Download - 10.8 MB

Take a fish-eye view and swim to the outlet of a few culverts in Humboldt County. First we'll swim into Mill Creek and Clear Creek in the lower Mattole River. Then we'll return to Morrison Gulch and Sullivan Gulch for some human and fish-eye view juxtapositions. Thanks to Jon Mann of NOAA Fisheries for the use of the underwater camera.


Y'all jump Screenshot   Y'all Jump Play - 2:21 | Download - 4.6 MB

Back by popular demand, the world's first fish passage music video.



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