Version 3 Testing the Beta

Testing the Release
We are pleased to announce the release of a public beta version of FishXing 3.0. Thank you for your willingness to test this new version.

Version 3.0b of FishXing is a complete rewrite of the application, based on abundant user feedback since the 1999 release of FishXing 2. Some of the changes we've made have been suggested by some of you. We think we have achieved a very significant improvement in FishXing.

Finding Bugs and How to Report Them
We are asking that you try to find bugs, installation errors, calculation errors, interface problems, confusing functions, errors and omissions in the Help Manual, and anything else that might impact the functionality and usability of FishXing. We will be especially appreciative to those who can really break it, finding and demonstrating the weak spots, the big nasty bugs, and the subtle, insidious ones as well.

Follow the list below when you issue a bug. Also, an Excel spreadsheet is provided (Optional) that you can use to report bugs and other problems. You don't have to use this-- simple emails are OK --- but it is helpful to us if you do. You may send bugs as you find them or all at once at the end of your testing, as you prefer. It will be particularly helpful to us if you attach FishXing files (.xng) that demonstrate the bugs you are reporting with your bug reports. You can find these in the FishXing directory, inside the project directory they were saved in, or wherever else you might have put them.

What to include when you issue a Bug report

  • Name
  • Contact info (we won't use this unless we have a question about your bug)
  • Computer operating system (XP, XP Pro, Windows2000, etc.)
  • Complete description of each bug including the name of any associated windows, if applicable.
  • PLEASE attach a crossing file (.xng) where this behavior is observed if applicable.
  • To aid in the bug reporting process, we have included a Software screen shots page for reference. (Optional)
  • Mail your bug reports to: