FishXing 3 Screenshots and Features

Output Summary Screenshot Literature Swim Speeds Screenshot Software Map
Output Summary Literature Swim Speeds Software Map
Culvert Input Screenshot Literature Swim Speeds Screenshot Software Map
Crossing Input Animated Output Navigation Bar

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Some of the features Version 3 includes are:

Redesigned biological module – more accurate and sophisticated modeling, closely tied to the literature. User can see the experimental values from the literature before selecting. Many more species supported, and detailed information available in HelpFile.

Support for:
Adverse slopes
Pressurized flow
Metric units
Multiple culvert analysis

Flow solver shows the flows at which barriers occur
Animator shows model results
Many more output parameters calculated, reported, and graphable
Reports can be exported to Word, including all graphics and tables
Photos can be saved and annotated in the culvert database
All tables can be selected for copy and paste into Excel or other applications
Redesigned user interface makes data entry and results more usable and informative
Manage multiple crossing inventory sites by grouping into projects
List summary information for sites within a project including:
*Type of crossing
*Location and characteristics of crossing
*Percent passable
*Range of Flows passable
*Passage Criteria
Navigation Toolbar for easy selection of screens and functions
Customize and save settings for passage criteria, output graphs, tables and reports

Site Info
*lat/long location, notes, photos of crossing

Culvert Info
*Analyze multiple culverts per crossing
*Choose from 8 culvert shapes with predefined or custom input dimensions
*Installation At Grade or Embedded
*Roughness coefficient for culvert and for bottom material (composite roughness)
*Inlet Headloss Coefficient

Fish Info
*Fish Performance Database for selecting swim speeds
*Customizable swim speeds for burst and prolonged swim modes
*Option to set hydraulic criteria instead of fish performance
*Fully selectable passage criteria
*Customize and save settings for custom analysis fish and hydraulic criteria
*Velocity reduction factors for occupied area of flow to account for boundary velocities

Design Flows

*Enter High and Low passage flows
*On-the-fly flow calculator for flows other than design flows or 2 flows entered on input page. Instant results.

Tailwater Methods
*Constant Elevation
*User defined Rating Curve
*Calculated rating curve from user defined cross section
*Multiple Output Formats

Output Summary
*Low and High Passage Design Flow
*Percent of Flows Passable
*Passable Flow Range
*Barrier Type and Flow
*Normal, Critical, Headwater, Tailwater Depth
*Headwater to Diameter Ratio
*Inlet Velocity
*Swim Time
*Barrier Code

Culvert Profile and Table
*Distance Down Culvert
*Critical Depth
*Normal Depth
*Velocity Head
*Velocity - Average
*Velocity - Occupied
*Ground Speed
*Swim Mode
*Prolonged Time
*Burst Time
*Barrier Type
*Froude Number
*Specific Momentum
*Shear Stress
*Stream Power
*Comp Roughness
*EDF (Energy Dissipation Factor)
*Hydraulic Curve
*Wetted Area
*Wetted Perimeter
*Top Width
*Hydraulic Radius
*Hydraulic Depth
*Bottom Elevation
*WS Elevation
*Critical Elevation
*Energy Grade Line Elevation
*Water Surface Slope
*Energy Grade Line Slope
*Rating Curve and Table
*Flow Rate
*Outlet Velocity
*Inlet Velocity
*Maximum Velocity
*Velocity at Normal Depth
*Inlet Depth
*Outlet Depth
*Depth at Culvert Midpoint
*Normal Depth
*Minimum Depth
*Outlet Pool Depth
*Outlet Drop
*Vertical Leap Distance
*Horizontal Leap Distance
*Burst Swim Time
*Prolonged Swim Time
*Shear Stress at Inlet
*Shear Stress at Midpoint
*Shear Stress at Outlet
*Barrier Type

Animated Profile
*Dramatization of model run showing fish behavior and barrier types and locations. Three selectable flow conditions

Automated Reports
*Fully customizable content
*May be exported to rtf format.

Help and Learning System (fully searchable and indexed)

*Full documentation of equations and analytical algorithms
*Extensive background on fish performance, culvert hydraulics, and modeling
*Hydraulic, Culvert and Fisheries reference sections
*Interactive learning tool: Manning's equation culvert slope and roughness sensitivity
*Glossary of terminology
*Library of related publications
*Extensive annotated bibliography
*Example applications of Fishxing
*Guided tutorial for using Fishxing

Case studies of culvert replacement

Video lectures on key topics and cases

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