FishXing Download

  NEW FishXing Version 3 (beta) (13.62 MB) 11/08/12

Installing FishXing 3.0 beta
Extract the zip file, and open the "setup.exe" file. Do not extract the .CAB file. If you get a "Version conflict" notice while installing, "The file being copied is older than the file currently on your system. It is recommended that you keep the existing file." Simply click "Yes".

  FishXing Version 2.2 (stable) (4.52 MB)    

This file is a self-extracting program that will load FishXing on your Windows 95/98/XP or NT4.0 system. The file is about 4.52 MB and takes about 20 minutes to download at 33.6k bps.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

2.2 Helpfiles (PDF)

Some of the features included in the Version 2.2 release:

  • Allows for comparison of multiple culverts designs within a single project.
  • Calculates hydraulic conditions within circular, box, pipe-arch, open-bottom arch, and embedded culverts.
  • Contains default swimming abilities for numerous North American fish species.
  • Contains three different options for defining tailwater elevations.
  • Calculates water surface profiles through the culvert using gradually varied flow equations, including hydraulic jumps.
  • Outputs tables and graphs summarizing the water velocities, water depths, outlet conditions, and lists the limiting fish passage conditions for each culvert.

To see a couple of examples on what you will find on the CD, please watch the FishXing videos on this website.

For the Version 2 CD, send a request to:


USDA Forest Service
San Dimas Technology and Development Center
444 E. Bonita Ave.
San Dimas, CA 91773

or call: (909) 599-1267

Please help us out by contacting us if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions about the software.