FishXing 3 Credits

Team FishXing

FishXing was created by:

  • Susan Firor (Middle)
  • Michael Love (Third from left)
  • Michael Furniss (Third from right)
  • Antonio Llanos (Far right)
  • Kathleen Moynan (Second from right)
  • Jeff Guntle (Second from left)
  • Bob Gubernick (Left)

Thanks to the following organizations for their generous support:

Thanks to the following for their guidance:

Tested By:

Kozmo Bates, Tom Grey, Dick Jones, Margaret Lang, Jeremy Svehla, Mark Weinhold

Special Thanks To:

Ted Castro-Santos, Kim Clarkin, Thomas Dunklin, John Fehr, Chris Katapodis, Steven Levesque, J. Garcia Molinos, Jeff Moll, Kemset Moore, Tom Moore, Jill Ory, Riley Quarles, Terry Roelofs, Vaughn Stokes, Traci Sylte, Ross Taylor, Bill Trush, Marcin Whitman, Alan Yamada

If you have any questions regarding FishXing or the upcoming FishXing 3, please email:
Michael Furniss

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