Version 3 beta Please Note


If you have installed AutoDesk Civil 3D you will probably experience the following problem when you run FishXing.

When you start FishXing the first thing that will happen is that Civil 3D will try to reinstall itself! You will get a dialog box that looks something like this:

Autodesk install dialog


There are several possible work-arounds.

  1. The most satisfactory solution might be to upgrade to Civil 3D 2006. This product is not released as this date (March 31, 2005) but is expected within days. AutoDesk assures us that this issue is resolved in the new release.
  2. If you are only an occasional user of Civil 3D you should put your Civil 3D installation disk in your CD drive and allow this "configuration" process to continue. It only takes a minute, and it will keep this annoying issue from surfacing every time you start FishXing. However, the next time you start Civil 3D it will "reset" the bug and you'll have to do this again.
  3. You can press the Cancel button as soon as you see the box shown above. You will get a series of boxes and you'll just have to keep pressing Cancel until it stops. This takes anywhere from 3 to 20 (or so) cancel-clicks depending on your level of bad AutoCAD luck!

Whatever unsatisfactory work-around you choose, we strongly urge you to contact your AutoDesk vendor and voice your annoyance with this bug. Their official stance is that, since they have this fixed in the next version, they are not going to bother fixing it in this one. They just don't think it impacts enough users. (By the way, it is not just FishXing that triggers this bug. It is many applications including all the HEC products.)