Fish Passage Case Studies

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Road-stream crossings and other types of in-stream structures frequently block fish and other aquatic organisms from accessing vital upstream habitats. Many projects aimed at improving fish passage have recently been completed, and many more are planned and anticipated.

Design and implementation of these projects is technically challenging, often employing new and innovative designs combined with traditional approaches. The cost of these treatments is substantial, so the cost of errors in design or construction is likewise substantial.

Case studies that detail how fundamental principles are applied to real problems are employed in many disciplines and form the foundation of advanced learning. Effective case studies involve condensing cases to their useful essence, and emphasizing the application of general principles, the means used to address unique site conditions, and the lessons learned.

The FishXing project is creating a growing set of Case Studies documenting passage improvement projects aimed at fish and other aquatic organisms. These Case Studies briefly summarize:

  • Pre-project physical and biological conditions,
  • Project objectives and constraints,
  • Design and construction techniques,
  • Project effectiveness, and
  • Lessons learned.

Each Case Study is illustrated with a collection of captioned photos and additional relevant information when available, such as construction plans, video, and design and monitoring reports.

Creating case studies allows us to share information, learn by example, and illustrate lessons learned. By sharing our experience, we can grow our collective knowledge base and build more effective projects.

Case Studies Development Team

The FishXing Case Studies are developed by a team with backgrounds in engineering, hydrology, fisheries, information management, and multimedia development:

Michael Furniss
Hydrologist, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station

Michael Love
Engineer, Michael Love & Associates

Antonio Llanos
Engineer, Michael Love & Associates

Tyler Ledwith
Hydrologist, Michael Love & Associates

Jeff Guntle
Multimedia Developer, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station

In addition, the project has become associated with the HEC-26 project, led by Professor Rollin Hotchkiss of Brigham Young University.

Funding for FishXing Case Studies

The fish passage case studies are the result of collaborative efforts between federal and state natural resource agencies and the private sector. Funding for compiling the first set of Case Studies was provided through the California Department of Fish and Game Salmon Recovery Grants Program and the USDA Forest Service.

Contributing Case Studies

Please consider contributing your project or projects to this collection.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please email them to:

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