Pronounced "Fish Crossing",
This software is intended to assist engineers, hydrologists, and fish biologists in the evaluation and design of culverts for fish passage. It is free and available for download. Version 3 of FishXing is in its final beta form.
New Additions
The Aquatic Organism Passage Document FishXing Help Manual
Culvert Inventory Online Tutorial
Recent Updates

11/08/12 - Download the latest FishXing 3 build

07/16/12 - See the EWRI-AFS Fish Passage Reference Database

12/08/10 - Aquatic Organism Passage Workshop

11/23/09 - Culvert Scour Assessment (PDF)

08/13/09 - Bronson Brook Case Study Stream Simulation Bottomless Arch Culvert

08/13/09 - Tule Creek Case Study Bridge Built with Precast Pre-stressed Concrete Beams

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Learn about the version 2.2 and the new version 3 beta features.
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