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We provide this web site as a service to our public to help display the many accomplishments and opportunities on our national forest lands. If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact the program leader(s) the region of your area of interest.

Application Technical Difficulties/WFRP-MS WO Coordinator: Joe Encinas 202-205-0992

Amy Unthank, WO National Fish Program Leader - back-up contact. 202-205-0951

National NatureWatch Program: Kim Winter

Region 1: Northern Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Jolyn Ortega 406-329-3629
TES Program Leader: Kristi Swisher
Wildlife Program Leader: Eric Tomasik
Fisheries Program Leader: Scott Spaulding

Region 2: Rocky Mountain Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Ann L. Carlson, 303-275-5017
TES Program Leader: Vacant (see Acting from Wildlife Program Leaders list)
Wildlife Program Leader: Melanie Woolever
Fisheries Program Leader: Dave Winters

Region 3: Southwestern Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Ernie Taylor, 505-842-3267
TES Program Leader: Ron Maes
Wildlife Program Leader: Brian Dykstra
Fisheries Program Leader: Vacant (see Acting from Fish Program Leaders list)

Region 4: Intermountain Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Lee Jacobson, 801-625-5664
TES Program Leader: Lee Jacobson
Wildlife Program Leader: Vacant (see Acting from Wildlife Program Leaders list)
Fisheries Program Leader: Daniel Duffield

Region 5: Pacific Southwest Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Michael Kellett
TES Program Leader: Diane MacFarlane
Wildlife Program Leader: Chrissy Howell
Fisheries Program Leader: Michael Kellett

Region 6: Pacific Northwest Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Robert Alvarado
TES Program Leader: Vacant
Wildlife Program Leader: Robert Alvarado
Fisheries Program Leader: Jim Capurso

Region 8: Southern Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Leigh McDougal, 404-347-4082
TES Program Leader: Duke Rankin
Wildlife Program Leader: Micah G. Thorning
Fisheries Program Leader: Leigh McDougle

Region 9: Eastern Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Rebecca Ewing, 414 297-3612
TES Program Leader: Becky Ewing
Wildlife Program Leader: Mary Maj
Fisheries Program Leader: Nick Schmal

Region 10: Alaska Region
WFRP-MS Coordinator: Cheryl Carrothers, 907-586-7905
Terrestrial Program Leader: Cheryl Carrothers
Aquatic Program Leader: Don Martin

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Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plant Management System (WFRP-MS)
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Author: Shelly Witt, WFW staff
Phone: 435-881-4203
Publish_date: 2005
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