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WRFP Management System


This list of acronyms identifies some of the Forest Service jargon used throughout this application. If you find other words that are not easily defined in these web pages, please contact Jina Mariani.

WFW: Watershed, Fish, and Wildlife (Staff acronym)

WFRP-MS: Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plants Management System

NFWF: National Forest Wildlife and Fisheries

NFWL: National Forest Wildlife

NFAF: National Forest Anadromous Fish

NFIF: National Forest Inland Fish

NFTE: National Forest Threatened and Endangered

BLI: Budget Line Item

P&M: Program and Management

NFVM: National Forest Vegetation Management

NFHF: National Forest Hazardous Fuels

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

MAR: Management Attainment Report

TES: Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species

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Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plant Management System (WFRP-MS)
Washington, D.C. Office
Author: Shelly Witt, WFW staff
Phone: 435.881.4230
Publish_date: 2005
Expires: none

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