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June 2, 2010


Call for Nominations for Fiscal Year 2011, WFW Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals


Regional Foresters, Station Directors, Area Director, IITF Director, Deputy Chiefs and WO Directors


The Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air, and Rare Plants Staff is currently accepting nominations for the FY 2011 Continuing Education Program for Natural Resource Professionals (CE-WFW). The CE-WFW is celebrating 24 years of providing valuable interdisciplinary education for a broad array of natural resource disciplines and agencies. Since 1987, over 3,400 professionals have participated in one or more of our workshops. We improve workshops annually through participant input, evaluations, reviews, and analysis of changing needs and technologies in natural resources today, delivering an educational, fun, and dynamic experience.

We invite all employees to review the selection of workshops. Many workshops, such as Program Management, Leadership & Communications, and Natural Resource Policy, Values & Economics, are applicable to employees from any natural resource management discipline or staff area. Line officers will be particularly interested in Natural Resource Policy, Values & Economics; Endangered Species Act for Line Officers; and Water Resource Management for Line Officers.

Our primary focus is on professionals with fish, wildlife, watershed, and botanical responsibilities or interactions. The CE-WFW web site ( provides detailed information on workshop content and travel, including a downloadable brochure. Hard copies of the FY 2011 brochure are mailed directly to forests, districts, and line officers. Please route to the professionals on your districts and forests.

As in the past, designated CE-WFW Regional Coordinators (listed below) manage the nomination process within each Region. If interested in attending a workshop, please register through AgLearn or apply through your CE-WFW Regional Coordinator by the specified Regional reply date (earlier than the national reply due September 17, 2010). Most Regions register directly in AgLearn. Contact your Regional Coordinator for date and application specifics, or visit the CE-WFW web site (

Coordinators will provide a complete list of nominees for each workshop to the Washington Office Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air, and Rare Plants CE Program Leader by September 17, 2010 (Shelly Witt, Confirmed participant workshop rosters are sent to the Regional Coordinators in late September. Once the Regional CE-WFW Coordinators approve the rosters a formal WO notification letter is released. At that time, each participant is notified and must complete a SF-182 inside AgLearn. If a participant finds it necessary to withdraw from a workshop, a substitute is needed or the supporting unit is expected to pay tuition or fixed costs. In order to avoid tuition penalties, substitutes should be named quickly and confirmed with the vendor and Regional/National Coordinators.

Coordinators will also work with the Regional Tribal Relations Program Managers to invite and provide information about these workshops to the Tribes in their Region. Our intent is to make these workshops available to any interested Tribal natural resource staffs.

The CE-WFW Regional Coordinators are:

Region Name Phone Email
Region 1 Jolyn Wiggins 406-329-3629
Region 2 Andy Kratz 303-275-5009
Region 3 Ernie Taylor 505-842-3267
Region 4 Dana Hoskins 801-625-5156
Region 5 Jeff TenPas 707-562-8955
Region 6 Robert Alvarado 503-808-2901
Region 8 Leigh McDougal 404-347-4082
Region 9 John Curnutt 414-297-4149
Region 10 Barb Schrader 907-586-7863

Our sincere thanks go to all the Regional Coordinators and subject matter experts participating in the CE-WFW program. We could not have made it to our 24th Anniversary without their continued support.

Please direct your CE-WFW questions to the National CE-WFW Program Leader, Shelly Witt (435-881-4203 or

/s/ Faye L. Krueger (for)
Deputy Chief, National Forest System

cc: Shelly Witt
Jolyn Wiggins Barbara A Schrader
Andrew Kratz Susan Johnson
Ernest W. Taylor Cheryl A. Vanderburg
Dana Hoskins Dan Meza
Jeff D. TenPas Merv L. George
Robert Alvarado Gary R. Harris
Deborah L. Konnoff Alan Dorian
Leigh McDougal Lillian Petershoare
John Curnutt Larry Heady

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