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Our Partners

We Effectively Leverage Partnerships

The Air Program depends on partnerships to accomplish much of our work. Because our role is primarily advisory to decision makers, negotiation and communication skills are integral to our success. Air quality improvement is accomplished by many public and private groups. Our ability to influence the outcome relies on becoming a visible and active player in partnerships. We have forged a strong relationship with Forest Service Research that leverages scientific expertise from researchers with the Air Programís interest and ability to turn science into value added management strategies and policy.

Benefits for Partners

Air Program partnerships reap many rewards. Our work addresses the Chief's four pillars: Restore and enhance landscapes, protect and improve water resources, develop climate change resiliency, and create jobs that will sustain communities. We help Fire Staff monitor smoke impacts and ensure air quality standards and regulations are met. We ensure that air pollution impacts on ecosystems, including changes in biodiversity and community composition, are understood and addressed. Our partnerships with Recreation include the 10-Year Wilderness Strategy and understanding visitors' value of clean, fresh air and scenic vistas. We advocate for the lands managed by the Forest Service through partnerships.

Examples of some of our partners:

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Angel Pass
A photo near Angel Pass. Photo courtesy of Scott Copeland.