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Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring (FTEM)

Evaluating Fuel Treatment Effectiveness - Suppression & Effects

We have extensive combined experience with fire suppression and fuel treatments, including three experienced Fire Behavior Analysts, and several Fire Ecologists and Technicians. Each of our three Fire Behavior Analysts also have extensive experience as fuels managers, with over 20 years experience each. Our Fire Ecologists have extensive experience in fuels and fire effects monitoring and operate a specialized module, the Fire Behavior Assessment Team, that collect data during active wildfires on pre-fire fuels, fire behavior and post-fire conditions. They have collected fire behavior and fuels information throughout the country. Our collective experience allows us insight into suppression, fire behavior and fuels.

What we have done to evaluate fuel treatment effectiveness?

Over the past five years, we have conducted numerous evaluations of fuel treatment effectiveness. This includes during wildfires, after wildfires and before fires occur. This includes evaluations of many different types of fuel treatments across the country, including thinning, prescribed fire, salvage and wildland fire use. There is also one evaluation of the effectiveness of various levels of fuels clearance around structures for firefighter safety. All of these are listed in the Table below, with a link to the reports. Some of the reports that are from work conducted during wildfires are rapidly completed, within a 14 day fire assignment--where there is not always time to "polish" the report.

Location State Year Evaluation Type Types of Treatments Evaluated Fuel/Vegetation Type
San Bernardino NF CA 2013 Post-fire, some field data and some anecdotal information Prescribed fire, mastication Forest, Chapparral
Sequoia NF CA 2011 Post-fire, detailed, field data and GIS analysis Older wildland fires Forest
Plumas NF CA 2007 During and post-fire, detailed statistics Thinning, prescribed fire, mastication, old fires Forest
Shasta-Trinity NF CA 2007 During fire Thinning Forest
Bitterroot NF MT 2007 Post-fire, detailed smoke, economics Wildland fire use Forest and alpine
Tahoe NF CA 2007 Post-fire, initial attack evaluation Thinning Forest
Sequoia NF CA 2008 During fire Wildland fire use, old fires Forest
Los Padres NF CA 2006 Post-fire Prescribed fire Chaparral, Forest
Okefenokee WF Refuge/Oceola NF GA/FL 2007 During and post-fire Prescribed fire Forest, swamp
Superior NF MI 2007 Post-fire, detailed statistics Prescribed fire, thinning/salvage Forest
Plumas NF CA 2007 Post-fire, detailed statistics Thinning, mastication, timber harvest Forest
Plumas NF CA 2007 During and post-fire, detailed statistics Thinning, prescribed fire, mastication, old fires Forest
Southern CA CA 2007 Before any fire Thinning, mastication Forest
Tahoe NF CA 2006 During fire Thinning, prescribed fire Forest
Ventura County CA 2005 Clearance around houses Distance of treatment from house to wildlands Chaparral
Kaibab NF AZ 2006 Post-fire Selective harvest Forest
Los Padres NF CA 2007 Post-fire Prescribed fire Chaparral