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What We Do:

Adaptive Management Services in Brief

We support ecosystem management with current science and informed solutions to resource managers ranging from simple tasks to complex, controversial and seemingly intractable problems. We provide:

  • Ecosystem assessments and planning support
  • Ecological/fuel monitoring plan design and implementation
  • Fuel treatment effectiveness evaluation and reporting
  • Measurement of fire behavior (flame length, rate of spread, temperature) on prescribed or wildland fires
  • Landscape scale wildfire hazard and risk analysis
  • NEPA specialist support including fire, fuels, geology, hydrology, groundwater soils, botany, invasive species, wildlife, fuels, air quality, writing/editing, project record management and administrative records if an appeal occurs
  • NEPA ID Team Lead and support
  • Botanical surveys and weed risk assessments
  • Stream restoration planning
  • CERCLA mitigation and project oversight
  • Human resources support including OWCP, staffing, temporary hiring support, payroll and classification assistance. Temporary services
  • Business administration support including expense tracking and analytical reporting.
  • Meeting facilitation and note taking
  • GIS services including custom database design, management & visualization for project management and SDE and I-Web for upward reporting
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Website design and maintenance