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National Partnership Office

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About the National Partnership Office

“The success or failure of conservation today depends on building partnerships for community-based stewardship.” – Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth

Increasingly, the role of the Forest Service is to bring people together to restore ecosystems through on-the-ground, community-based projects. A collaborative approach builds commitment to partnership and ownership of the results. It helps different groups find their common interests and leverage resources to get work done. Collaboration and partnership are the way of the future for the management of our nation’s forests and grasslands.

About the National Partnership Office

The National Partnership Office of the Forest Service works to increase the agency’s effectiveness in partnership and collaboration with citizens, communities, non-governmental organizations, and others. Created in 2003, the Office works across the three branches of the Forest Service – cooperation with States and private landowners, forestry research and development, and management of the 155 national forests and 20 grasslands.

The National Partnership Office:

  • Develops partnership tools for employees and partners.
  • Reaches out to connect partnership and collaboration practitioners and experts through national networks.
  • Provides inter- and intra-agency coordination on policies and initiatives.
  • Builds employee and partner capacity for working together.
  • Promotes and facilitates skill development.
  • Provides Congressional relations for expanding partnership authorities.

Partnership Resource Center Website

The Partnership Resource Center is a clearinghouse of information and tools for partners and Forest Service employees. Brought to you by the National Partnership Office and the National Forest Foundation, the Partnership Resource Center is a fantastic resource for budding partnerships.

Visit the Partnership Resource Center to find:

Contact Information

National Partnership Office
USDA Forest Service
201 14th Street SW
3NE, Mailstop 1158
Washington, DC 20024-1158
Joe Meade – Director, National Partnership Office
jmeade@fs.fed.us, (202) 205-1072

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Last modified March 23, 2013

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