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Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants Staff

The Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants role in the agency is sharing leadership with other programs when meeting our land and service ethics, and carrying out our mission to be conservation leaders for the next century. Specifically - positive, recognizable, well-integrated programs that:

  • Protect, sustain, and improve the water and watershed resources and services.
  • Protect ecosystems by ensuring that proposed management activities promote conservation of biological diversity.
  • Restore deteriorated ecosystems by ensuring their biological health, diversity, and productivity.
  • Provide multiple benefits to people within the capabilities of ecosystems by enhancing ecosystem productivity, managing public access, and increasing environmental education.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness by ensuring that: appropriate skills are acquired and maintained; our customers'/owners' needs and desires are understood and used in decisionmaking through collaboration; the best science-based information is available; emphasis is placed on monitoring and evaluation; and findings are applied to improve the effectiveness of our actions.

The Chief expects line officers to develop wildlife and fish programs within the context of ecosystem management to a level of excellence that clearly demonstrates conservation leadership. The Chief expects wildlife and fisheries biologists, ecologists, and botanists to bring their special technical expertise to promote the sustainability of ecosystems. Everyone is expected to work closely with our customers and partners in accomplishing our objectives. The health, diversity, and productivity of National Forest System wildlife, fish, and plant communities -- and opportunities for their use and enjoyment -- will be the measures of our success.

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