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US Forest Service Recreation, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources Staff

Recreation, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources

Michiko Martin Director (Acting) 202-205-1241 
Merlene Mazyck Deputy Director (Acting) 202-205-0650
Robert Nichols Management & Program Analyst 202-756-7134

Recreation, Tourism, and Public Services

Tinelle Bustam Assistant Director 202-205-9533
Matt Arnn Chief Landscape Architect 202-205-9599
Karl Birkeland Avalanche Center Director 406-587-6954
Toby Bloom Tourism & Interpretive Services 240-330-2260
Monika Derrien Special Uses, Concessions PMF 703-605-4515
Pete Duncan National Saw Program Manager 530-394-8100
Jonathan Cook Fisher Special Uses, Concessions 530-543-2741
Ben Johnson Special Uses, Concessions 971-294-1941
Jeff Mast Interdisciplinary/ National Trail Information Coordinator 414-297-3295
Lis Novak Recreation Planner 406-829-6800
Karen O'leary Special Uses, Concessions 202-756-7112
Jaime Schmidt CDAs & Trails Program Manager 208-765-7227
Jamie Schwartz Partnership Coordinator 202-205-1589
Simon Trautman Avalanche Specialist 406-570-3615
Sean Wetterberg Winter Sports Program Manager (Detached) 801-975-3793
Penny Wu Travel Management 303-275-5168
Janet Zeller Accessibility Program Manager 603-856-8206

Heritage Business Management and Planning

Al Remley Assistant Director (Acting) 202-403-8986
Amy Allabastro R1S Performance Management Program Manager 303-969-2299
Kenneth Barrett R1S Program Support Assistant 802-747-6772
David Bowler Program Support Clerk (IBSC) (Detached) 435-414-6046
Kristi Bray R1S Writer/Editor 530-543-2619
Julie Cox Deputy National Fee Program Manager  503-808-2984 
Donna Day Heritage Information Manager 530-478-6217
Rick Delappe R1S Program Manager 303-969-2608
Keyana Ellis Volunteers & Services Program Coordinator 202-205-0832
Don English Visitor Use Monitoring Program Manager 202-205-9595
Stuart Gregory R1S RIDB Program Manager 801-975-3456
Sheri Hughes R1S Permits & Lotteries 208-879-4107
Allen Jaten Integrated Business Support Center (IBSC) 520-202-2706
Cathy Kahlow Developed Sites 435-640-8807
Paul Kennerly R1S Finance Manager 505-944-8285
Cyndee Maki Integrated Business Support (IBSC) (Detached) 801-975-3786
Merlene Mazyck Supv. Program Spec./ Volunteers & Service Program Manager 202-205-0650
Kevin Mullarkey R1S Financial Specialist 505-944-8286
Al Remley Recreation Fees Program Manager 202-403-8986
Mark Salansky R1S Program Specialist 303-319-6956
Janelle Smith R1S Public Affairs 208-373-4341
Doug Stephens National Heritage Asst. 202-205-1414
Debbie Torres R1S Financial Specialist 505-944-8388
Susan Valente Rec. Data & Information Specialist 303-621-4170
Carmen Young Volunteers & Services Program Specialist 202-205-1342
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