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Visa Type & Purpose Allowable Activities Prohibited Activities For any B-visa holder Candidate Profile Maximum Stay


Temporary Visitor for Business:

A letter from the foreign or U.S. company explaining the reasons for the visitor's stay, providing specific details of the trip, and affirming that the visitor has the financial means to complete the travel as planned may assist in issuance of the visa.

  • Conduct negotiations
  • Solicit sales or investment
  • Discuss planned investment or purchases
  • Make investments or purchases
  • Attend meetings or conventions and participate in them fully
  • Interview and hire staff for a foreign firm
  • Conduct research
  • Employment.

A B-1 visa holder CANNOT

  • engage in salaried employment in the US or receive payments from a US entity, nor can he or she engage in work freelance or as an independent contractor
  • Enroll in a course of study
  • Participate as a professional in entertainment or sporting events
  • Be a representative of the foreign press, radio, film, journalist or other information media may not engage in their vocation in the US unless they have a nonimmigrant Media “I” visa.
  • Volunteer directly for the US Forest Service unless engaged in one of the international voluntary service groups approved by the USFS and Department of State.
  • Engage in an activity that is only appropriate for J-1 visa holders.
  • Engage in an activity only appropriate for F-1 (student) visa holders.
  • B-1 Visas: Foreign nationals wishing to conduct business activities in the U.S. for one year or less must prove to consular and border officials they are entering the U.S. temporarily on behalf of an established foreign company.
  • Foreign nationals who have a permanent resident outside the USA , proof of funding to cover their expenses in the USA as well as other binding social and economic ties which will insure their return at the end of the visit.

6 months to 1 year

The length of validity of a visa and all decisions related to the approval or denial of a visa are at the discretion of a US Consular Officer

Visitors from designated countries who meet eligibility requirements for the Visa Waiver Program may stay in the U.S. for up to 90 days without first requiring issuance of an entry visa, but then may not extend or change their status

B-2 Temporary Visitor for Pleasure:
  • Travel - Tourism
  • Visits to Relatives
  • Medical Treatment

NOTE: It is extremely difficult to change status from “B” to another immigration status after entering the USA . This is especially true for those attempting to change to “F” or “J” student status after arrival. Prospective students should notify the consular and border patrol officials so that upon entry, a “prospective student” notation can be made on the visa stamp. If attending short recreational courses (cooking, yoga, art) one should specify this at the time of application so that “study incidental to visit: I-20 not required” is noted on the visa.

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