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Financial Support

Exchange visitors invited to participate in the activities of the US Forest Service or its official partners must demonstrate that sufficient funding exists to support themselves and their program activities.  Funding for fees, living expenses, mandatory insurance, maintenance allowance, support of dependents and any other relevant and required expenses must be obligated and demonstrated at the time an international visitor is issued an invitation and DS-2019. 

Funding may come from multiple sources, but all sources must be defined.  In addition to any fees, reimbursements for travel or other expenses, a minimum of $1300 per month must be demonstrated to cover living expenses and insurance.  An additional $550 per month is required for a spouse and an additional $375 per month must be demonstrated for each dependent child under the age of 21.  This amount is reduced for exchange visitors who are provided housing at no cost.

J-1 Exchange Visitors may be financed by:

  • Program Sponsor – US Forest Service
  • US Government Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • The Exchange Visitor’s Government
  • The Binational Commission of the scholar’s country
  • Other Organizations
  • Personal Funds
  • Combinations of any of the above

The following is a list of documents Exchange Visitors may use to demonstrate proof of financial support.  International Programs must receive original copies with specified amounts in US Dollars or other currencies:

  • Letter of Invitation from Program Sponsor – US Forest Service Unit  & International Programs
  • Grants or Letters of Sponsorship from associated US Government Agencies
  • Sponsorship documents from International Organizations
  • Sponsorship letters/documents from the Exchange Visitor’s Government
  • Sponsorship letters/documents from the Binational Commission of the scholar’s country
  • Letters of support from Other Organizations
  • Official, original bank statements & letters from Banks verifying Personal Funds
  • Combinations of any of the above

Funds being transferred to International Programs for program fees, insurance, maintenance allowances, other support costs, or any funds being transferred directly to visitors must be guaranteed by a job code or official agreement that serves as a certification of funds.  This information should also be included on the Host Application Form and/or FSIP Services Request Memo.  For more information about financial support requirements and funding options, please contact an International Visitor Program Specialist.

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