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Greening Your Events: Resources & Support

Green events are planned and hosted in an environmentally-responsible way. To learn about event formats (virtual, onsite, hybrid) and choose the format for an event, go to the Event Formats & Decision Tools page. When you have decided if your event will be virtual, onsite, or hybrid, save a copy of the relevant planning checklist from below and consult the Resources, Support, and Best Practices section below for guides, tips, tools, best practices, support for Forest Service employees, and additional resources.

Forest Service Employees: 

We encourage you to fill out the Green Event Feedback Form after your event, so we can learn from your efforts and share successes on this site. This also supports Core Action 5 of FS Sustainable Operations Accomplishment Reporting which asks units to, “Incorporate sustainable practices into onsite events and/or replace some onsite events that require travel with hybrid or virtual events.” Review the instructions in the Green Event Feedback Form before your event to ensure you have collected the information and feedback needed from your participants to fill out the Form.

For virtual and hybrid events: use the Virtual and Hybrid Event Participation Evaluation Form to gather input from participants (at the end or immediately after your event). Then enter the information for each participant into the Virtual and Hybrid Event GHG and Travel Cost Estimator spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will calculate the totals you will need to then fill out the Green Event Feedback Form.

Green Event Feedback Form Training Videos. (NOTE: this is an FS internal-only link)

Note: certain onsite events involving travel require approval and additional reporting. See the FS ASC Budget & Finance Travel page for guidance (NOTE: this is a FS internal-only link).

Resources, Support, and Best Practices

This section provides a variety of resources and tools to help event coordinators plan and host successful green events of all types and formats. Click on a category for the relevant list of resources. In addition to these resources, check out the Success Stories page.

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