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Engineering, Technology & Geospatial Services

“Providing premier engineering services across a diverse natural environment through innovative technical solutions.”

The Forest Service provides engineering technical assistance for the management of about 200 million acres of forests, lakes, mountains, and prairies – your National Forests and Grasslands. 

Beyond supporting the Forest Service directly, we work closely with other Federal agencies, state and local governments, tribal governments, and many private stakeholders to better meet the Forest Service mission of caring for the land and serving the people for generations to come.


The Forest Service’s Engineering Department oversees the sustainable construction, maintenance, and preservation of a wide range of assets that support forest operations, including roads, bridges, and facilities. This infrastructure is critical to provide safe access to the nation’s forests and grasslands, delivering recreational and economic opportunities, and emergency services to the public.


The Forest Service’s National Technology and Development Program (NTDP) uses technology to solve resource management problems having national significance in partnership with other Federal, State, and international agencies; private industry; academia; and consultants. The Forest Service’s two Technology and Development centers are located in San Dimas, CA, and Missoula, MT.

Geospatial Services

The Forest Service’s Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC) provides a range of geospatial services for improving monitoring and mapping of natural resources. Services include remote sensing, GIS, cartography, photogrammetry, and information services. 

Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC)

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