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Engineering, Technology & Geospatial Services (ETG) Contact Us

Washington Office - Director ETG

Emilee P. Blount, Director 703-605-4962
Ehab Hanna, Deputy Director 703-605-4632
Rosa Johnson, Executive Assistant 202-205-0820
Kathleen Adam, National Environmental Engineering Program Manager 505-842-3843

Capital Infrastructure Improvement and Maintenance

Rosana Barkawi, Assistant Director 703-605-4509
Michael Balen, National Facilities Program Manager 202-572-0801
Savoth Hy, National Assistant Facilities Program Manager 703-236-0017
Kathryn Kaufman, National Assistant Facilities Program Manager 703-605-4522
David Payne, National Transportation Program Manager  202-205-0963
John Kattell, National Bridge Program Manager 703-605-4614
Shyan Yung Pan, Federal Highway Liaison 202-239-4173 
Robert Gillispie, National Assistant Transportation Program Manager 202-205-1074
Rachael Thurston, National Assistant Transportation Program Manager 703-605-1557
Vacant, National Dams Program Manager  
Vacant, National Assistant Bridge Program Manager  
Vacant, National CAD Manager  

Fleet, Technology, and Sustainability

Kurt Generd, Assistant Director 703-605-4582
Brian Ingalls, National Fleet and Equipment Program Manager 703-605-5124
Cliff Coleman, National Assistant Fleet Program Manager 801-625-5285
Linda Keydeniers, National Fleet Procurement Specialist  909-929-7062
Penny Haner, Data Management Specialist 360-891-5223
Christopher Wood, Equipment Specialist - Safety 406-329-3989
Vacant, Data Management Specialist  
David Wiley, National Capital Asset Program Manager 703-605-4512
Marc Staley, Sustainable Operations Specialist 303-275-5023
Sarah Baker, Sustainable Operations Specialist 505-842-3839

National Technology and Development Program (NTDP)

Alex Gavrisheff, Director 406-329-3902
Andy Trent, Assistant Director 406-329-3912
Melissa Hamid, Assistant Director 909-929-7088
Ed Messerlie, National Forest System Portfolio Manager 406-829-6778
Ralph Gonzales, Fire and Aviation Management Portfolio Manager 909-929-7059
Mark Vosburgh, Business Operations Portfolio Manager 406-829-6717
Anna Jones Crabtree, Sustainable Operations Specialist 406-394-2469

Geospatial Management Office

Carl Zulick, Assistant Director, Geospatial Information Officer 703-605-4599
Betsy Kanalley, National Geospatial Products and Services Program Manager 703-605-4575
Everett Hinkley, National Remote Sensing Program Manager 703-605-4580
Lisa McBride, National GIS Program Manager 703-605-5328
Vacant, National Assistant Geospatial Program Manager  
Vacant, National Assistant Geospatial Program Manager  
Vacant, National Geospatial Data Lifecycle Program Manager  

Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC)

Deb Oakeson, Center Director 801-975-3498
Belle Craig, Assistant Director 801-975-3464
Brian Vanderbilt, Assistant Director 801-975-3475
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