CONUS Wildland Threat Mapping (WTM) Applications

A group of map services published by WWETAC and associated client applications designed for the end-user to view and evaluate wildland threats in relation to highly valued resources (wildlife habitat, residential stuctures, recreation sites, etc.). These services are collectively referred to as WETAG - Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment GeoService. Map data in these applications are conterminous US in extent. Client applications (maps) require only a recent version of web browser and a high speed internet connection.

To launch the applications, click on an associated icon:

Browser_appWTM GeoBrowser

The WTM GeoBrowser is an interactive 2D map that displays in your web browser - no software installation required. To navigate around the map - L click and drag your mouse to pan, use your mouse wheel or the slider control in the upper left to zoom, and Shift L click and drag to define a new map extent.

GeoServer.pngCONUS WTM Cloud GeoBrowser

The WTM Cloud GeoBrowser displays in your web browser without software installation required. This map uses all open source software including GeoServer for the map server, and OpenLayers for the JavaScript based web browser application. The map server is hosted in the Amazon cloud using an EC2 virtual server. This client application also features our Map Services Search Utility, which will locate map services published to the web based on user-defined search terms.


Connection speed and your local PC's configuration may prevent the map services from loading the first time. You may need to reload the applications in your browser.

Data Layer Descriptions/Metadata Summary and Links

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