Open Source Cloud Map

The open source cloud map displays in your web browser without software installation required. This map uses the open source GeoServer application for the map server. The web browser application is built using open source software such as OpenLayers and GeoExt. The application is written primarily in JavaScript with some ASP.NET on the server. The map server is hosted in the Amazon cloud using an EC2 virtual server.

GeoServer_app Static Mercator Map (non customizable)

This map requires no login but does not allow you to create your own custom map by adding or removing map layers. It contains all layers provided by the GeoServer map server and also several Bing Map base layers. This map uses the EPSG 900913 ('Spherical Mercator') spatial reference, which is commonly used by commercial providers such as Google Maps®, Microsoft Virtual Earth® (Bing Maps®), Yahoo Maps®, etc.

GeoServer_app Customizable Map

The customizable map includes tools to add additional layers from other map servers on the web. It requires a login in order to identify you for retrieving and saving your own custom map. It uses the EPSG:4326 (latitude/longitude based on the WGS84 datum) spatial reference. This is the most widely supported spatial reference system for non commercial providers and makes it possible to add layers from these providers to the map.

GeoServer_app Introduction

An introduction to the map application.

GeoServer_app User Guide

A complete user guide for both maps.

GeoServer_app Custom Map Tutorial

To help you get started, follow this step by step tutorial for creating a custom map.

GeoServer_app Technical Description

A technical description of the system design.

GeoServer_app System Setup

Documentation describing how to set up a similar system.