WWETAC Projects

Project Title: Forest Insect & Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database

Principal Investigator: Eric L. Smith, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, Ft Collins, CO


Collaborators: Andrew McMahan, SofTec Solutions, Inc., Ft. Collins, CO

Key Issues/Problems Addressed:

A synthesis of available information is needed to improve individual forest insect and disease hazard/risk models, and aid the development of comprehensive risk assessment maps.

Setting and Approach:

A relational database, with geographic scope limited to U.S and Canada, synthesized detailed summaries of forest insect and disease hazard/risk models and citations.  An annotated bibliography of current hazard rating systems was created and known issues involving adaptation and use of rating systems for threat assessments were reviewed. Available quantified rating systems and impact assessments for key insects and diseases relative to system inputs and outputs, pest/host distribution, and potential impacts were evaluated.  Meta-analyses, model syntheses, and sensitivity testing were performed to refine existing risk map models for key insect and diseases.

Key Findings:

  • The database catalogued information for each model including documentation and citation, spatial scope, and type.
  • The database also provided answers to the following questions for each model: Is scope susceptibility or vulnerability measured? What were the applicable host tree species and geographic range? What were the independent and dependent variables?


Detailed summaries of insect and disease hazard/risk models and citations were collected and organized in a Microsoft Access relational database. This database is available online (see: http://www.fs.fed.us/foresthealth/technology/haz_rating_database.shtml).

WWETAC Project ID:  FY07TS18

database screen capture

Screen capture of the Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database Report Generator.