WWETAC Projects

Project Title: Annotated bibliography of climate and bark beetles of western forests

Principal Investigators: Jane L. Hayes, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station and Western Bark Beetle Research Group


Collaborators: Western Bark Beetle Research Group (western USDA Forest Service research entomologists)

Key Issues/Problems Addressed:

Subtle changes in climate regimes may significantly impact host interactions for phytophagous or plant eating insects such as bark beetles since life cycle events of these insects are temperature dependent.  Accessible information sources on climate change and its potential influence on bark beetles in western forests is lacking.

Setting and Approach:

A list of literature pertinent to bark beetles and climate change was compiled, including the nearly 300 citations from the bark beetle/climate change rapid threat assessment.  A 2-3 sentence annotation was provided explaining each citation’s relevance to the topic (i.e., rationale for including it in the bibliography).  Abstracts were also provided where papers were clearly authored by federal employees or published through the government (e.g., U.S. Forest Service Insect and Disease Leaflets and Research Station publications, etc.).


Annotated Bibliography of Climate and Bark Beetles of Western Forests

WWETAC Project ID: FY07JB62