WWETAC Projects

Project Title: Regional noxious weed distribution mapping program

Principal Investigator:   Steve Dougill (Crook County GIS)


Collaborators:   Brooke Gray (Crooked River Weed Management Area)

Key Issues/Problem Addressed:                              

The lack of a clear, overall picture of noxious weed distribution in central Oregon has hampered efforts to develop a regional strategic plan for weed control, including establishing a plan for quick response for weed control across jurisdictional boundaries.  The creation of a regional map of noxious weed distribution will allow decision makers to view the overall picture of weed distributions at a regional scale for the first time and will be the key to early detection and rapid response to noxious weeds.

Setting and Approach:  

In 2005 Crook County GIS began the local Noxious Weeds Mapping Project (with funding from WWETAC), which focused on mapping noxious weeds in Crook County, OR and investigated ways to predict where weed infestations may be expected through spatial modeling.   This project resulted in a publicly available interactive on-line weed map for the local area.  Simultaneously, the Crooked River Weed Management Area (CRWMA) conducted a county-wide survey of noxious weeds and formed partnerships between the United States Forest Service (USFS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Department of State Lands (DSL), the Crook County weed supervisor as well as countless private landowners. Land managers in neighboring counties recognized the utility of the interactive noxious weed map and expressed interest in seeing a similar map for the larger region.  The extent of the original noxious weed map was subsequently expanded to the central Oregon area.

Progress to Date:   

All the preliminary work for the project has been completed, partnerships established with the neighboring counties and weed data collected from the State.  The framework for the weed web portal has been created.  Some custom programming will be completed by an external contractor, Houston Engineering, and will get fully underway in October. (They will produce a custom query screen to access the weed data and display locations based on user input.)  We anticipate this being completed towards the end of the year when we will complete a final report and invoice for the work.


The local interactive map has been an invaluable tool for the Crooked River Weed Management Area (CRWMA) and has been used extensively at all stages of a projects life cycle; from presenting summary information for grant proposals, prioritizing work needed, and understanding the ownership and contact / access requirements, to presenting the final results to decision makers and the public.  The creation of the expanded map will result in a larger partnership of land managers and decision makers with a better overall picture of weed distributions in central Oregon – where the invasives are originating and their pattern of spread.

WWETAC ID:      FY11TS88