WWETAC Projects

Project Title: Western Forestry Leadership Coalition threats to western private forests

Principal Investigator: Dana Coelho, Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC)

Collaborators: Jamie Barbour, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station; Jerry Beatty, Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center; Will Singelton, Singleton Strategies

Status: Ongoing

E-mail Contact: Jamie Barbour, jbarbour01[at]fs.fed.us

Summary: This project, cooperatively funded through the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC), will use the results from a set of regional, threat-themed workshops to produce a substantive report on the threats to private working forests in the Western United States. The report will draw from the input of key stakeholders and will reflect an analysis of the socio-political challenges. The report will also use statistical analysis to support the conclusions of the workshops and will therefore have similar facets to the “Forests on the Edge Report.” Other aspects of the report will be similar to the “Southern Forest Resource Assessment” in that it will reflect thematic synthesis from a broad range of perspectives.

insect threat to forests

Product: The expectation is that the report will serve as a tool for WFLC and all interested stakeholders who seek a document, written by a legitimate group of experts and stakeholders, to articulate the threats that are posed to private working forests in the West to policy makers in considering regulatory policy and appropriations

Project ID: FY08JB51