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Four Forests Restoration Initiative

The KaibabCoconinoApache-Sitgreaves and Tonto national forests are at the center of an initiative to restore priority forested landscapes, promote job stability, create a reliable wood supply, improve forest health and reduce emergency wildfire costs across the U.S. The 10-year project is supported by the strength of wide-ranging partnerships.

A protected seedling is a small part of the larger Four Forest Restoration Initiative.

The Chattooga Coalition, a partnership with Trout Unlimited and with state and federal agencies in the Carolinas and Georgia, become a wall of wader-clad volunteers in a program that monitors fish population in the Chattooga River. (U.S. Forest Service)Become a Forest Service partner

Our partners are a key to our success. You can join a wide range of groups who plant trees, provide conservation education, enhance trails or perform a host of other valuable services. In FY 2012, we entered into more than 7,700 grants and agreements with partners who made a total of about $535 million in cash and in-kind contributions.

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