US Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization

Woody Biomass Utilization

Woody Biomass Utilization Scorecard - Is it a viable opportunity?

This Scorecard is intended to help walk through the types of questions to ask when considering woody biomass utilization.

  1. Need: Do you need to remove woody biomass to restore and maintain ecosystem health?
    1. What is the type, size, and species of biomass?
    2. Is there an adequate road system in place?
    3. Are there treatment limitations such as steep or rugged terrain, riparian areas, watershed or soil concerns, seasonal closures, T&E species constraints, proximately to private property or sensitive or cultural areas, etc.
    4. Are there air quality considerations that limit slash pile burning?
    5. Will biomass removal improve the effectiveness of treatments, or improve public safety?
  2. Biomass Availability: Is your biomass removal need short term or can you sustain the flow or product long term?
    1. Can you quantify the amount of material available and the duration of availability?
    2. Are there others providers of wood in the area that could augment your wood supply over time (tribes, other agencies, private, state)? What is the maximum efficient haul distance for raw materials?
    3. Can you estimate the growth of the woody biomass and arrive at a rotation to predict the long-term supply of wood (10 or more years)?
    4. Will the size and species of woody material change over the term of the supply?
    5. Do you have completed NEPA and consultation? Will NEPA challenges be a barrier?
  3. Feasibility: Do you have existing community enterprises/forest products industries?
    1. Is there technology and technology transfer available?
    2. Are there existing or new industry partnership potentials? Will wood products available from other landowners help?
    3. Do you have a business plan?
    4. Do you have existing markets or the potential for new market demands, and are there incentives that can help?
    5. Do you have industry support organizations, grant writers and university support?
    6. Do you have industrial infrastructure such as rail lines, roads, natural gas, favorable power rates, favorable tax support, property for industry development and trained workforce?
    7. Do you have support for stewardship contracting?
    8. What are the expected financial resources available to accomplish the identified projects?
  4. Partnership Potential:
    1. Do you currently have the partnerships and collaboration relationships to make you successful?
    2. Have you discussed the potential with interest groups who may become impediments?
    3. Do you have Congressional, State, County and City elected officials support?
    4. Is there potential to partner with tribal governments or other agencies?
    5. Rate your potential for appeals, objections and litigation to stop the work. Can these barriers be overcome through collaboration, negotiation or education?
    6. Do you have completed Community Wildfire Protection Plans for your area?

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