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Woody Biomass Utilization

Fodge Pulp, Inc., Wood Recycling

Picture of Fodge Pulp Mill's 'Hog', or horizontal grinder.
Sam Fodge Pulp's "Hoge" or horizontal grinder.

Picture of the hog grinder being loaded.
The hog grinder is being loaded for "regrind".

Picture of the '8-way sort', 4 conveyors and 8 interchangeable screens.
The "8-way sort", 4 conveyors and 8 interchangeable screens.

Bonners Ferry Ranger District, Idaho Panhandle National Forests
Barry Wynsma, Project Leader

Sam Fodge of Fodge Pulp, Inc., Bonners Ferry, Idaho demonstrated his new horizontal grinder. This is one of the smallest made. Sam is considering getting the largest model made, which has the capacity to fill a 30 ton chip van every 15 minutes. He would continue to operate the "little" seen in the pictures at right. Sam has been successful at tapping into biomass markets.

The photographs on the right show a "regrind" in process. Mr. Fodge is getting excess mill waste from Louisiana Pacific (L-P) mill in Moyie Springs, Idaho. L-P uses co-generated power to operate their mill, but does not utilize all their available biomass to sell excess electricity to a power-grid. Fodge takes this excess biomass, regrinds it, and screen-sorts the material into 8 different products.

Some of the sorts result in 3 different size classes of "beauty bark" (landscaping bark) that is being sold to a company in Kalispell, Montana and bagged and marketed in the United States and Canada. Sam has a complex arrangement with Avista and L-P that allows him to separate and keep the beauty bark from the rest of the mill waste but must exchange an equivalent amount of BTUs in hog fuel for Avista. Other sorts are for landscape mulch, some of which winds up being mixed with manure either in Bonners Ferry or at another company in Kalispell, Montana.

Sam also charges mills an hourly rate to bring this grinder to mill sites to clean up and remove their yard waste. This, in turn, Sam screen-sorts into the various products for which he has found markets.

Earlier this fall, the pulp market fell out and it did not look good for Sam Fodge. However, he is keeping very busy right now processing and marketing all this other material.

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