US Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization

Woody Biomass Utilization

Facilitate a Reliable and Sustainable Supply of Biomass

A rotation of pictures displaying forest scenes before and after vegetation treatments, woody biomass removal operations, and woody biomass processing.

Nutrient Cycling

Woody biomass provides important ecological functions such as soil organic matter, nutrient cycling, hydrological functioning, and coarse debris for wildlife habitat. These ecological factors must be considered when deciding what biomass is surplus and can be removed.

The Forest Service will fully use all existing authorities, including the Healthy Forest Initiative/Healthy Forests Restoration Act and stewardship contracting authority, to facilitate treatment, planning, and implementation to provide a long-term reliable and predictable supply of woody biomass from public and private lands. The Agency will develop estimates of woody biomass expected to be generated through vegetation management treatments. Actively engaging community, tribal, business, and environmental leaders in planning, execution, and monitoring is critical to success.

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