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Grey Towers Policy: Commercial/Private Photography and Filming

This policy follows the USFS regulations for special use authorizations for commercial filming and photography on NFS lands and 2004 Grey Towers special legislation. It is intended to protect the resource while providing access to the public for enjoyment and recreation.

Commercial filming and photography may take place on Forest Service public lands and, like other commercial uses of National Forest System lands or resources, requires a Special Use Permit.

Special Use Permits allow occupancy, use, rights, or privileges of NFS land and are granted for a specific use of the land for a specific period of time. Permits are required if there is a need to occupy, use, or build on NFS land for personal or business purposes, whether the duration is temporary or long term and/or if a fee is being charged or if income is derived from the use.

A permit may not be issued if the Forest Service determines that:  (1) there is a likelihood of resource damage;  (2) there would be an unreasonable disruption of the public's use and enjoyment of the site; or (3) that the activity poses health or safety risks to the public. The Forest Service may not issue the required permit for practices prohibited on NFS lands. If the Forest Service determines that the request is an acceptable use of NFS lands, it will issue Form FS-2700-25, Temporary Special Use Permit, or Form FS-2700-4, Special Use permit.

3 Simple Steps for Requesting Use of the Grey Towers Site for Commercial and/or Private Photography and Filming

Step 1: Review the Grey Towers Commercial/Private Photography and Filming Guidelines. These guidelines will address your questions about when and where commercial/private photos may be taken at Grey Towers. Speak with a Grey Towers representative to assist you with your questions.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Grey Towers Commercial/Private Photography and Filming Request Form at least three weeks prior to your proposed date.

  1. If you are a commercial photographer/film maker, or if you plan to use a commercial photographer/film maker for your private session, this request form will be used to determine whether a Special Use Permit can be issued. This Permit is required for all commercial ventures;
  2. If your private photography/filming session will not involve a commercial venture, the information you provide on the Request Form will help the USFS determine whether your proposed activity is permissible and allowable.

Step 3: A Forest Service representative will reply for further clarification or with the decision about whether a Special Use Permit will be issued. If required, further information, any associated fees and proof of insurance will be requested at this time.

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