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OHV and Roads reference database Readme

Last update June 1, 2008

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This file describes the contents of
Endnote library: 
This library contains citations on off-highway, forest roads, roads, fragmentation, disturbance, species habitat needs, where appropriate. The last literature search occurred on June 1, 2008; the last update to the endnote library occurred on June 9, 2008. Endnote 4 is required to read this .enl file. A Word document containing the same literature is stored on this site for those without access to Endnote. Contents of the Endnote library can be sorted by record number, author, year, or title. All contents can also be searched by keyword search located in the References menu. We have performed twelve canned searches that are stored on this site as Word documents. These are: disturbance, edge, fragmentation, habitat destruction, invasive species, mortality, noise, OHV, policy, soil, and syntheses and reviews. The keywords used for each search are listed at the top of each file and indicated in the file name. Many citations have associated abstracts; all have keywords associated with them.
Pdf files:
Where possible, pdf files for literature citations in the endnote library have been uploaded to this site.
The nomenclature for each file is as follows: 1. first author name, followed by an "_"; 2. second author name or etal if more than two authors; 3. publication year, followed by an "_"; 4. brief title of manuscript, followed by an "_"; and the endnote record number.
Word files:
1. One manuscript was available only in Word at this time. The nomenclature is as for pdf files for this manuscript. 
2. Twelve of the word files are the keyword searches listed above in the Endnote section. 
3. The Must Read list for OHV.


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