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Public Lands

Case Histories on Public Lands

The Wildlife Crossings Toolkit is targeted towards natural resource agency specialists, especially wildlife professionals. The following case histories are illustrative of the types of challenges faced on public lands. Often these are dramatically different than highway projects in urban areas. One obvious difference is that there is excellent wildlife habitat on public lands, and therefore the impacts of highways are more obvious in terms of roadkill. Less obvious are the effects of loss of habitat connectivity.

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Additional Information

Several other sources now provide case history information of value to public land managers.

The most thorough and current treatment of the 'flagship' projects such as Montana US 93, Arizona SR 260, and Washington Interstate 90 projects are found in the new book, Safe Passages: Highways, Wildlife and Habitat Connectivity, edited by JP Beckmann, AP Clevenger, MP Huijser, and JA Hilty (Island Press, 2010).

Chock full of excellent detail and images, the Best Practices Manual Wildlife Vehicle Collision Reduction Study, Report to Congress (2008) is available online.