Critically Imperiled Plant Profile
(Not Listed or Proposed under the Endangered Species Act)

Astragalus kelseyae.
Astragalus kelseyae is a lovely pale-flowered milkvetch with a slightly purple tinge. It is found in a higly localized area of the Wasatch Mountains. Photo by Teresa Prendusi.

Astragalus kelseyae range map.
Astragalus kelseyae range map. Source NatureServe.

Astragalus kelseyae, Kelsey milkvetch


  • Small population size.
  • Recreation hiking/biking trails.
  • Invasive species encroachment into habitats.

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

More Information

Astragalus kelseyae habitat.
Steep, scattered talus slopes made up of bands of Ophir shale are the preferred habitat for the Kelsey milkvetch. Photo by Teresa Prendusi.

Astragalus kelseyae.
Astragalus kelseyae has large flowers and large, inflated seed pods that are covered with long dolabriform (connected in the center) hairs. Photo by Beth Corbin.

Astragalus kelseyae.
Close-up view of Kelsey milkvetch seed pod. Photo by Wayne Padgett.