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Trails Unlimited has a vast base of trail experts who have developed solutions to the difficult trail design, construction, maintenance and management situations that they have encountered throughout their careers. Our veteran staff draws from this solid foundation to quickly propose proven solutions to challenges such as Unstable/difficult Soils (wet and arid), Large retaining walls, Drainage Structures, Tread Hardening, Efficient maintenance methods and many others.

Trails Unlimited can also help with trail inventory, development and maintenance plans, as well as trail monitoring, location & layout.

Trails Unlimited will come to your project site, field-review your needs and provide consultation towards a course of action. If you decide to utilize our Construction or Maintenance services, we can enter into an agreement on the spot and schedule a date to begin. From that point on we will provide the necessary means to complete your project on time, on budget, and most of all let you "leave the driving to us."

The cost to complete a trail project varies widely and can only be accurately determined by detailed descriptions, narratives or site visits. For example, the cost per day for a single individual doing basic trail layout is approximately $980 + travel. In open forest, this individual can average 3 to 5 miles of trail per day. This same situation in very dense brush may only allow completion of ¼ to ½ mile of trail per day.

Because Trails Unlimited is a Government Agency enterprise, we can be more flexible with project changes to provide the highest quality trail for the agency and general public.

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